Comprehensive + Assessment Review

SOC, ROC, Recert, D/C

Coding and comprehensive review of clinician OASIS documentation, referral documentation, H&P of patient. In addition, compliance review of F2F.

Auditor will:

  • Code and sequence according to regulations, ensuring accuracy of documentation in OASIS and 485.
  • Conduct review of all SOC, ROC, Recert OASIS assessments. Discharge assessment review for outcomes is also available.
  • Review of OASIS answers against 485 to assure accurate interventions and appropriateness of responses based on review of hospital or MD office documents. Review of specific assessments parameters (therapy eval) and braden scale, etc. to assure interventions appropriate on Plan of Care. Review F2F documents to assure compliance, F2F is complete at with recert, recert medical necessity and LOS.
  • Recommendations are made to admitting clinician and agency determined leadership (Nurse Manager, etc.) to approve/decline auditor findings.
  • Monthly report and quarterly consultative review of agency/clinician trended findings with recommendations for improvement.